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Break the spell

You are the only one who can break the spell of the perception of your existence, well if it is bad at least. If all is perfect then I guess play on... I experimented a fair amount on this track to make up for my average guitar playing and my lack of chops. Thanks to mister ledbetter for opening my ears and mind to different voicing on the guitar a while back. Again splendid rhythm section

Washed Away 2016

"Washed Away" was written in the distant European summer of 2001 during a tour in the South of Italy with my band at the time "upCedown" I knew I was about to deal with some shit in my life and as they often do, my song words pre-empted it... But the music development was quite a meander to what you are about to hear. In 2003 during the recording sessions for the amazing project "Open

Give me a reason

I've always been drawn to songs in 6/8, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I find it can create nice tension. Rhythmically you seem to be able to pull it in all directions and get away with it. No explanations on these lyrics. They are what they are for you. As you will hear the track leads into something else... Shaun Johannes (see first post) got together with Kevin Gibson in the studio in

It could have been you

I don't know how you got here... Maybe you were bored of Facebook or clicked on the link by mistake? It's ok you will not be hurt, you should survive, I promise. If you get past this first line I compliment you. This is the first blog in a series dedicated to the latest songs produced at "Between the Ocean and the Sky" studio. Each song will get a blog with a short description of

“Out of the Box” v3

Cedric Vandenschrik, Joe van der Linden and Lloyd Martin are reuniting to bring another crazy musical night to Port Elizabeth, the friendly city with: “Out of the Box v3” Two Years ago, the trio got together to explore performing music drawing on their worldly experiences and creating something unique. The result was a high paced entertaining evening filled with laughs and emotions on all levels. What will you hear? Some known popular songs, some more

Il Grande Canale della Pace

Joining in with "Il Grande Canale della Pace project in Italy. Art against war... We could do with some peace in the world. Amazingly sad that we can't evolve.

Stop Motion of unplugged concert at lake Kariba

In 2013, I was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful Bumi Hills resort where myself, Joe and Russel were to entertain some private guests for a whole week-end. The evening performances went into the early hours of the morning with everyone having a great time... But what left the strongest mark for me was the unplugged concert on the beach in front of the resort with the lake and the African sunset as backdrops.

Pinocchio Rehearsals

The birth process has been an interesting voyage of re discovering creativity. The first step into new directions. Sure the show is a very well known story and there is nothing Original about that. But in an "entertainment" world where all seems regurgitated, re-packaged and re-sold it is difficult to be truly original and still make ends meet. This is a first step. All original sound track created mostly with the voice. A true Challenge.