Songs, pieces of emotions, thoughts and creations on a memory stick.

This is progression, or regression…

Even I get amazed at my own resilience and stubbornness , but here it is… A new collection of songs.

All compositions by Cedric Vandenschrik except track 11 (Page / Plant), track 9 with Lara Potgieter
Arrangement Contributions by Shaun Johannes
Heinrich Goosen: Drums track 1 and 3.
Kevin Gibson: Drums track 2,4,8,10
Shaun Johannes: Bass tracks 1,2,3,4,8,11,Keys track 1.
Donovan Hattingh: Electric Guitar track 1,3. Mandolin :12.
Davide Pistoni: Keys track 3
Joe van der Linden Electric Guitar track 5
Emile Gerber, some of the rhythm Guitars on track 1

Thanks Shaun Johannes for the motivation , the use of Mahogony Studios, and all the other stuff . Without you this would not exist.