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All my song have stories, this one worth sharing. More than a decade ago Amanda Tiffin and I were commissioned to write songs and put on a little show for a private Birthday party with a theatre group. It was no easy task. We had been only been given some words written about the person who's birthday it was. From that we had to produce four different songs. Each one with different feel and


A road trip at the end of summer in Namibia. A mystical place, the heat beating down on my non air-con car giving us the "real" experience of a place that is older than our collective memories. An abandoned railway station screamed from a distance. Many stories and ghosts there. So we stopped and I decided to record another song as part of the #Kipitreal project. No sound editing, no fixing anything, just capturing the


#kipitreal is a new project. To capture music, places, sound, moments in a raw unfiltered way. There is no vocal microphone, mixing or effects. No re mixing, fixing bum notes, or any of that. You are hearing the performance captured by one microphone as is. For the first in a series of videos that will go up with no foreseeable planning in sight, I decided to record a cover. A great song by Chris Cornell

“This is my World” – Music Video

I have always had an affinity for misfits and alternative people. I call them the tribe. I am drawn particularly to the ones who take their "differences" and express them in art and creations, who connect us with that "other world", who have the courage to be different. I started going to the Owl House in Nieu Bethesda in the early 90's. I always thought Helen Martins was part of that tribe. It screams

Album Launch Jam with Ced 3

Date: 20th of March Time: 20h00 Place: Music Kitchen Price: R 100   Ced (Cedric Vandenschrik) has been performing all over the world in all kinds of stages, bands and productions.   Along the way, he has crossed paths with Joe van der Linden and Lloyd Martin on a number of occasions with very explosive results. “The Song Remains the same – Led Zeppelin Tribute”, “Out of the Box”   The release of Ced’s new

Been a long time

Photo by Mike Barwood I'm not sure this song will stay, or stay like this... It's very middle of the road. Not that it is always a bad thing, it's just how it came out. So if you dig it best you download it :). Lyric driven, and for you to make what you will of it. Thanks to Joe Van der Linden for pulling in and playing the Electric Guit. Keeping

So Long

So Long, till the next rhyme, Farewell, hope you're not just wasting time... This will be the last song, for now, the closing track in a never ending flow. With Kevin Gibson on Drums and Shaun Johannes on Bass the song has a definite groove which comes across in a quirky way. I am not sure that it totally goes with the mood of the lyrics but perhaps lyrics are best disguised in this particular

Shadow of the waterfall

I can't remember when that song was written, I know it was a while back. Whilst rummaging through an old song book, it popped out at me. I think it was also a nice way to express the search for freedom from the constant noise this modern world can produce. Sometimes we need to listen to the whispers. Loved recording the acoustic guitar that I got from an old teacher of mine. Planning to record

Crucify your Soul

I don't think it is worth expanding on the meaning of the lyrics of this song. Suffice to know that people tend to get pretty mean with each other given the right circumstances. As quoted from the previous song "Give me a reason": "they throw words cause they ran out of stones" Don't underestimate the power of words. Crucify your soul again doesn't involve anyone else in the studio, and again it is not going

Nelson’s broken Rainbow

This is not a happy song... I despise the instrumentalisation of racism / discrimination. World history has seen a fair bit of it. And right now it's back with a vengeance. Breaking patterns wether inside or outside is not easy. Nelson saw the way forward. However a great many didn't follow, and so with some disbelief I see the instrumentalisation of racism being used to further political agendas and personal enrichment in South Africa. I could go on with