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Song – Expectations

Song: "Expectations" Expectations was born out of a conversation. It's not the first time a song comes from a conversation. "Reincarnate" from the Album "Moments in time" was also born out of a conversation. The music Before I dive into the concept of "Expectations", let's talk about the musical creation. Sadly I played everything. I say sadly because I always think there are

“Mother” With Anne Katz on the accordion

"Mother" in #Kipitreal with Anne A few months ago I tested out a little production called "Ghost Stories" which will develop at some stage into a full production. At a particular concert in Bathurst, I finally convinced my friend Anne to come and play her accordion on stage. We managed to create a special atmosphere doing our own interpretation of the Pink Floyd Classic: "Mother" In the last few years I

Stronger Soul

Stronger Soul "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" used to say the Marqui de Sade... Ok I made that up, I'm not sure he ever said that. But hardship is not something you normally choose. "Stronger Soul" is about picking up the pieces and seeing the rainbow after the rain, or not... I wasn't sure this should be released. Musically I feel it's maybe not where it could be. But it exists.

Live Performance at Dave Ledbetter Tribute Concert

On Stage for Dave Ledbetter Tribute Concert Check out this little clip of a performance at the Dave Ledbetter Tribute concert at the Baxter theatre earlier this year. It's time to get back in the saddle! You can check the whole concert here: Amazing musicians!


ESCAPE ESCAPE was the name of a model of Kite I used to ride. It was a great kite back then, I even wrote a little jingle for the Video I made for the release of the kite but it wasn't picked up by the company I was working with at the time. In retrospect it was probably a pretty crap Video... Fast forward more than a decade, and I created a moody

Between the Ocean and the Sky

Between the Ocean and the Sky It occurred to me a few years ago that I spend a lot of time between the ocean and the sky. It comes from Kitesurfing which blasted into my life 23 years ago. I've always been an adrenaline junky, and a wave addict. Kitesurfing ticked all the boxes. The freedom it brings me (especially when i am alone at my home spot) permeates and completes my musical

Accepting Cedric Vandenschrik

Accepting Cedric Vandenschrik I have been aware all my life that my full name Cedric Vandenschrik is pretty unpronounceable for most people and misspelled by 99.9 % of the world's population. Once upon a time at the beginning of my career, I was advised to have a stage name. Christian Deni was born and for a few years performed Jacques Brel Songs (It's another long story). But then he vanished. It was

Info Junkie

All my song have stories, this one worth sharing. More than a decade ago Amanda Tiffin and I were commissioned to write songs and put on a little show for a private birthday party with a theatre group in Cape Town. It was no easy task. We had only been given some words written about the person who's birthday it was. From that we had to produce four different songs. Each one with different feel


A road trip at the end of summer in Namibia. A mystical place, the heat beating down on my non air-con car giving us the "real" experience of a place that is older than our collective memories. An abandoned railway station screamed from a distance. Many stories and ghosts there. So we stopped and I decided to record another song as part of the #Kipitreal project. No sound editing, no fixing anything, just capturing the


#kipitreal is a new project. To capture music, places, sound, moments in a raw unfiltered way. There is no vocal microphone, mixing or effects. No re mixing, fixing bum notes, or any of that. You are hearing the performance captured by one microphone as is. For the first in a series of videos that will go up with no foreseeable planning in sight, I decided to record a cover. A great song by Chris Cornell