Cedric Vandenschrik with lightening in the background
Cedric Vandenschrik

Accepting Cedric Vandenschrik

I have been aware all my life that my full name Cedric Vandenschrik is pretty unpronounceable for most people and misspelled by 99.9 % of the world’s population.

Once upon a time at the beginning of my career, I was advised to have a stage name.
Christian Deni was born and for a few years performed Jacques Brel Songs (It’s another long story). But then he vanished. It was just too complicated.

Then when it came to my original work, I became Ced.

It was short, easy to remember and the letters one on top of the other on a keyboard.

Digital Age

Fast forward a few years and music became just binary digital information to be heard on a network in the sky… Magic. But slowly the opportunities to perform my own music dwindled. The CD sales decreased. As a result, my original albums started gathering dust in my home studio, times changed!

A year ago I started the process to digitalise my past recordings. I uploaded a whole lot of stuff under the artist name “Ced”. I thought; the name is, short, compact, easy to spell and easy to remember…

Not a great idea

Turns out that there are a lot of Ced making all kinds of music.
Being in the age of artificial intelligence I was automatically added to Ced playlists with rappers called Ced, crooners called Ced, and Karen’s nephew who makes music on his iphone called Ced. Anyway, just one big mess for anyone who might try and find my music online.

What could I do to be reachable and easier to find? (Besides writing the next “Baby Shark”)
How about choosing a name that no one else would ever take. A name that is unique. How about Cedric Vandenschrik?

So Welcome to Cedric Vandenschrik – the artist. (because he does other things)

If you look for my music on spotify, apple music or Youtube, just type Cedric Vanden and you should see me appear like an hovercraft.
And yes, it will still get misspelled, so be it.

“Mea navis aĆ«ricumbens anguillis abundant.”