Photo by Mike Barwood

I’m not sure this song will stay, or stay like this…
It’s very middle of the road. Not that it is always a bad thing, it’s just how it came out. So if you dig it best you download it :), oh oops it is going to cost you 1 us $, never mind …
Lyric driven, and for you to make what you will of it.

Thanks to Joe Van der Linden for pulling in and playing the Electric Guit.
Keeping our thread alive…

Been a long time:

Songs of infinite sadness
Entwined with the madness, that couldn’t stay
Time, the things we don’t know
That will never grow, are not in vain


It’s been a long time since a happy song
Nobody’s fault that it took this long to rise out of your mind
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you smile
I could be wrong but I think you found your way
It started today

Don’t let it be tomorrow
Don’t let it be yesterday

Trust, my new resolution
Avoid the intrusion, that leads me astray
And hate, is not a solution
Comes with retribution, regrets that have no place

Fade away, like the images and memories
And don’t be late for your final destination sets you free

Why does it always have to be an epiphany?
With disappointment and heartache to choose freedom without fear

Turn away and find yourself another train
That won’t be late, that travels to the station of your dreams

Why does it always have to be on a different day?
We keep on passing up the chance to live the now and to be free