Pinocchio Rehearsals

The birth process has been an interesting voyage of re discovering creativity. The first step into new directions. Sure the show is a very well known story and there is nothing Original about that. But in an "entertainment" world where all seems regurgitated, re-packaged and re-sold it is difficult to be truly original and still make ends meet. This is a first step. All original sound track created mostly with the voice. A true Challenge.

“Out of the Box” Tuesday 18th of March Port Elizabeth at the Cash Store

After a first "experimental run of "Out of the Box" with Joe van der Linden and Lloyd Martin on the 27th of Feb, it seems we are onto something and we will be repeating it just before I leave for Italy. As Audience members said, "It's hard to describe what we witnessed…" The result however was unanimous… "Please do it again!!! " Take 3 multi instrumentalists, with an abundance of experience in all kinds of

Music and Pinocchio

This year has seen the birth of a few new artistic projects. A very exciting one is the collaboration with Teatro Accettella of Rome on an adaptation of the story of Pinocchio with live music on stage. It is not the first time that I work with the Accettella. 10 years ago I did a show with them which had always promised further collaboration. It seems that the stars have aligned themselves and the time

Jamming some acoustic tunes over the Summer

Back home, and so the summer rolls on. Ced will be in Kenton on Sea playing some acoustic tunes at Homewoods from 5pm to 8pm from now until the 30th of December. Awesome setting for a sundowner. Come and chill out, and listen to some New material.

Atom in Rome

  "When you open up to life, it has a funny way of coming back at you. I've always been musical. From my early years as a child, into my early teens, and I have been presented with circles in my life, recurring themes… At age 12, on my last holiday in Italy to visit my grand parents, I would go and buy two music cassettes that would come back to aunt me later. (both

Last Concerts in Rome

As the sumer fades in the northern hemisphere, Ced will be doing a few last concerts at the Bull Dog inn in Rome, Italy. Presenting songs from his various albums in acoustic format, as well as some choice covers, Ced also uses the loop station for funky arrangements. Don't miss this opportunity to see him live. Next up, South Africa... Date: Friday 20th of September 2013 Place: Bull Dog Inn Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Rome, Italy

Video of a Demo recording

Here is something different: [youtube] "In today's world of music, where technology is mostly used in the recording and Live context to fix mistakes and render most performances clinically correct, I wanted to do something different. Using technology, I recorded a song which was then sent to 3 different geographical locations. To musicians with whom I have played and collaborated in the past. The idea was for them to record their part and film themselves