What a Feeling

This is the era where the “drive-in” was king, where you would rent the VHS cassette 6 months later with the video player machine, where roller-skates were cool and hairdos freaky.

Few would deny that the Golden era of Dance music stretched from the late 1970’s to the late 1980’s. The movie titles speak for themselves…

“Saturday Night Fever”, “Grease”, “Flash Dance”, “Dirty Dancing”, “Footlose”, “Fame”, “White nights”.

When John Travolta strutted his stuff in the legendary 1977, “Saturday Night Fever” Little did he know that he was about to set a precedent, and that it would be the start of a string of Dance movies that would affect generations to come.

Those movies made kids all over the world dream of dance and music. Many a dancer will have a story of one of those movies inspiring them to become professionals.

Director Cedric Vandenschrik and choreographer / dancer Clellind Fivaz have teamed up to bring those movies and their soundtracks back to life.

With two Vocalists and 6 of Cape Town’s top dancers, “What a Feeling” will recreate the vibe of each movie with some energetic routines and songs.

The soundtracks of each of those movies became hits on their own but forever tied to the imagery of the big screen.

So get ready for a trip “Back to the Future” with an evening of reminiscence of those great movies that will stay with us forever.

“What a Feeling!”