#kipitreal is a new project.

To capture music, places, sound, moments in a raw unfiltered way. There is no vocal microphone, mixing or effects. No re mixing, fixing bum notes, or any of that. You are hearing the performance captured by one microphone as is.

For the first in a series of videos that will go up with no foreseeable planning in sight, I decided to record a cover. A great song by Chris Cornell called “I am the highway”. Obviously it is my interpretation. On my web space I allow myself to do what I feel rather than be a musical prostitute.
So this project is mostly for me.

It’s recorded in my lounge.

The video images I added are from a recent trip to Namibia which for me is the ultimate road trip.

For the recording I use a Zoom Q2n.

It is a nifty little microphone with a wide video camera lens incorporated.

It will take more than 30 seconds and ideally you need to plug in headphones so you can get decent sound. Sorry Facebrick consumers…

If you don’t like it you can buzz me out or whatever the fuck they do on those ridiculous TV shows.