Born in Somalia, moved to Belgium, then South Africa, England, Italy and back to South Africa…

It’s kind of difficult to say where home is. A beach village on the east coast of South Africa is where my soul lives. The Indian Ocean endless source of Energy. But to quote Frank Zappa: “Home is where the heart is; on the Bus!”
The concept of Home is one that travels with me.

Ced has been writing and performing his own work for a number of years now.

These are the albums he has produced and is featured on:

Moments in Time

Moments in Time
Collaborations and solo recordings

Songs for Tomorrow

An acoustic Album, Guitars, Voice, Piano.


First Album Recorded in 1997 in Cape Town with my long time collaborator Joe van der Linden and other great musicians

Pieces of Mind

an EP Recorded in Rome at Paolo’s Studio. Great Live band.

Things you pick up on the way

Recorded in Marco Gualiozzi’s Studio in Rome. With some great session musicians.

Open Your Eyes

Project with Philipp Maier with a symphonic orchestra. Featuring one track with the legendary Shawn Phillips.