Person standing in the desert at the end of an old railway line with guitar. With writing: Expectations Cedric Vandenschrik
Person standing in the desert at the end of an old railway line with guitar. With writing: Expectations Cedric Vandenschrik

Song: “Expectations”

Expectations was born out of a conversation.
It’s not the first time a song comes from a conversation. “Reincarnate” from the Album “Moments in time” was also born out of a conversation.

The music

Before I dive into the concept of “Expectations”, let’s talk about the musical creation.
Sadly I played everything. I say sadly because I always think there are better guitarists, bass players, drummers, than what I can do. But being a bit of a loner and having a convoluted life has led me to have to do most things on my own.
Originally I had decided to keep the track pretty acoustic, but then the concept of “expectations” kept bugging me in the musical sense, and slowly but surely the madness crept in. and that’s how the backwards electric guitar and the break in 5/4, 2/4 came about. You wouldn’t expect that.

I played my studio yamaha acoustic and my Ibanez electric. On the bass it’s my trusted Hohner “The Jack” through a plugin to give it more beef.
The rhythm track is mostly put together with Stylus. (Thanks Shaun)

The concept of expectations

Expectations refer to the anticipations or beliefs an individual holds regarding future events, outcomes, or behaviors. These beliefs are often based on past experiences, societal norms, personal values, and information available at the time. Expectations play a crucial role in shaping human behavior, decision-making processes, and emotional experiences.

Here are some key points to understand about expectations:

  1. Cognitive Framework: Expectations serve as a cognitive framework through which individuals interpret and make sense of their environment. They influence perception by filtering incoming information and shaping how individuals perceive and understand events.
  2. Motivational Impact: Expectations can influence motivation and goal-setting. When individuals have high expectations for themselves or others, they may be more likely to exert effort, persevere in the face of challenges, and strive for success. Conversely, low expectations can lead to decreased motivation and poorer performance.
  3. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Expectations can become self-fulfilling prophecies, meaning that individuals’ beliefs about a future outcome can actually influence the likelihood of that outcome occurring. For example, if a teacher expects a student to excel academically and provides extra support and encouragement, the student may be more likely to succeed than if the teacher had low expectations.
  4. Interpersonal Relationships: Expectations play a significant role in interpersonal relationships. People often have expectations about how others should behave or how relationships should progress. Unmet expectations can lead to disappointment, conflict, or resentment, while aligning expectations can strengthen relationships and foster trust.
  5. Cultural and Social Influences: Expectations are shaped by cultural and social factors. Society sets norms and standards that influence individuals’ expectations for themselves and others. These expectations can vary widely across different cultures and social groups.
  6. Managing Expectations: Understanding and managing expectations is essential for personal and professional success. Setting realistic expectations based on available information, communicating them effectively to others, and adapting them as circumstances change can help individuals navigate various situations more effectively.

In summary, expectations are pervasive in human cognition and behavior, influencing how individuals perceive, interpret, and respond to the world around them. By understanding the role of expectations and actively managing them, individuals can better navigate the complexities of life and relationships.
It’s your choice…



Expectations, will have to stand in line
Our creations to steal the limelight when they can
I shrug my shoulders
When you speak about a dream
And you know you’ll break every promise that you make.

Expectations are never a good sign
My foundations unstable like the faith you have in time
I roll my eyes when you talk about forever
We both know it’s a concept no one wants to understand.


You better run before they get to you.

Those expectations

Expectations, a one way road to hell
You draw the outline add the colours and throw another spell
A weary sigh, think I’ve read this script before
So why get caught if you know what the future has in store

Expectations, will break us in the end
it’s us them, you and me locked in this parody
I’ve lost the feeling that used to be a crutch
Lost that little bitching ego you used to hate so much

You better run before they get to you.

Those expectations