ESCAPE was the name of a model of Kite I used to ride. It was a great kite back then, I even wrote a little jingle for the Video I made for the release of the kite but it wasn’t picked up by the company I was working with at the time. In retrospect it was probably a pretty crap Video…

Fast forward more than a decade, and I created a moody piece of music for a video of a Trip to Namibia. I played this electric guitar intro way beyond my electric playing capacity and then created this interesting rhythm track…

The Song

I was busy working on the song “Between the ocean and the sky” and was thinking about recording other songs when I stumbled on the multi track of that piece of music without a name.
Listening back to it, it struck me that it had captured something. Something about that trip, that great Escape that it had been…
I decided to take the track, lengthen it and write some lyrics which had nothing to do with the kite, except for the word ESCAPE.

ESCAPE is a powerful word which has many connotations of freedom but also imprisonment. Of discovery but also of running away from something.


The arrangement was already mostly in place (a little bit of an overkill for a video really…)
I decided to go for a rough approach on the vocals to bring out the grainy aspect of the song. I ran it through a guitar distortion and added some delay / reverb.
The bass is my old Honer headless with some tweaks and a weird part that came to me in a moment of madness.
The piano took the longest only because my playing is so basic.
Some inspiration from NIN was definitely in the studio.

Man doing Handstand in desert


As it often happens, these words fell out in an almost spontaneous manner.
Then on reading back there appears to be a lot more meaning behind every word than one would like to admit.
Find your own meaning…

Keep on looking
Keep on searching
Keep on reaching

Keep on asking
Keep on yearning
Keep on pushing
your road must find the truth

Something in your reasoning seemed to be absurd
The feeling of deceit destroying your self worth

Keep on dreaming
Stop believing
Keep on feeling

Keep on hoping
Keep on weeping
Keep on dreaming
The world has gone insane

Something in the night sky keeping me awake
Trouble on the rise when everything is fake