Stronger Soul

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” used to say the Marqui de Sade… Ok I made that up, I’m not sure he ever said that. But hardship is not something you normally choose.

“Stronger Soul” is about picking up the pieces and seeing the rainbow after the rain, or not…

I wasn’t sure this should be released. Musically I feel it’s maybe not where it could be. But it exists. So we might have to call it version 1…

Once again a little dissonent chord makes it fit in the “Thiskord” concept album

The creation

It started with that acoustic guitar riff which has been around for a while. Then lyrics started taking shape a few months ago.
Some lyrical elements were added later on, it kept changing. whichever way the wind blew… It took a while to settle, and as I said it may not be the final version of that song.


Hey, I fell down the stairs again, while I was dreaming that we could fly, that we could fly
Hey, I was watching the moon rise, while my sun was fading away, fading away
When the world stops making sense, my soul finds the strength

Hey, I misplaced the keys again, and the door slammed in my face, slammed in my face
Like when, clarity becomes a mirror, and you dislike all that you see, all that you see.
When the world stops making sense, my soul finds the strength

You can believe whatever you want
You can repeat that you’re never wrong
I must face the fact,
That people will use when they interact.

Hey I was thinking of depression, but the future faded away, faded away
And then, all the raindrops of my tears, exploded into a rainbow, into rainbow
When the world stops making sense
And you heart has reached the end
then your soul must make a mend,
It will find the strength
It must find the strenght

Moon over some clouds with writing: Stronger Soul - Cedric Vandenschrik