Hole-TerracinaThis is not a happy song…

I despise the instrumentalisation of racism / discrimination. World history has seen a fair bit of it. And right now it’s back with a vengeance.

Breaking patterns wether inside or outside is not easy. Nelson saw the way forward. However a great many didn’t follow, and so with some disbelief I see the instrumentalisation of racism being used to further political agendas and personal enrichment in South Africa.

I could go on with a whole political deliberation about this sad subject,  but besides the fact that no one gives a shit about my opinion really, I would just end up getting depressed by being crucified based on the colour of my skin or the colour of my eyes or maybe the way i wear my socks. This exact feeling gets dealt with in the following song… More happy stuff.

I wanted to make a bitting video of the situation that is painted to us in South Africa by the media, but then i thought I would just be feeding into the evil sensationalism that is synonymous with journalism and adding negativity into an already twisted situation. So I don’t even know that this song should be made public… But it was created, it exists and if you don’t like it you can also not listen to it.

Yes the track starts with Nelson Mandela’s 1994 (that is 23 years ago!) Rainbow nation speech.
I didn’t involve anyone into this track, I created it alone in that dark hole where i sometimes fall. Optimism sometimes seems like an impossible task.

And so i will slip this under the carpet late on a friday night when no one is listening.