untitled-1-recovered“Washed Away” was written in the distant European summer of 2001 during a tour in the South of Italy with my band at the time “upCedown” I knew I was about to deal with some shit in my life and as they often do, my song words pre-empted it…

But the music development was quite a meander to what you are about to hear.

In 2003 during the recording sessions for the amazing project “Open your Eyes” I unveiled my open A progression song with my distinctive idea of a 5/4 section bass line to my partner in crime, Philipp Maier. The great thing about Philipp is that he was enthusiastic about my crazy ideas (always has been) So we collaborated and cam up with the “Washed Away” version that is on the Album “Open your Eyes” and also featured on the Album “Greatest bits”. Great work with a full orchestra.



But of course with an arrangement for full orchestra, it wasn’t conducive to being played at normal band gigs. However I loved the song.
In 2006, the opportunity for an original gig arose sometime in Cape Town and I then proposed the crazy idea of a band arrangement to Shaun Johannes who I was working with at the time. The great thing about Shaun is that he was enthusiastic about my crazy ideas (always has been)… Are you starting to see a trend?
Anyway, then Shaun comes up with this brilliant idea of putting a minor chord at the beginning of the verse and suddenly I get all excited. But still the arrangement was never easy to play with the restricted rehearsals we always had and it kind of stayed at a shaky live performance.

When it came to do the release concert in 2013 for the Album “Moments in time”, I decided to revive “Washed Away” in it’s band format and also decided to Funk it up a little. It was still a tough song to play live (Always will be)
It was only when I listened back to the bad recording I had of the evening that I noticed something in the way Guitar wiz Donovan Hatting had played the solo. There was something unique that made me jump up and say; “I gotta re-record this song!” It’s not that the original was bad, it was that this had a different energy about it.


After working on the song some more with Shaun Johannes we got Heindrich Goosen into the studio and managed to let the two of them lose on the track with a clear structure.

Then steps in Italian Keyboard player Davide Pistone. Davide has a true gift in assimilating the energy behind the music. I picked that up whilst working with him on the project “Atom in Rome” So i ventured the idea of him collaborating on “Washed Away” and he came back with exactly the thing needed to push the song over the edge. Grasping the idea of time signature sway and sound layers perfectly and with some mean playing thrown in.

But enough blah blah, there are more lyrics more changes and it has become somewhat of an epic… It was quite a song to mix!