cedcroppedI don’t know how you got here… Maybe you were bored of Facebook or clicked on the link by mistake? It’s ok you will not be hurt, you should survive, I promise. If you get past this first line I compliment you.

This is the first blog in a series dedicated to the latest songs produced at “Between the Ocean and the Sky” studio. Each song will get a blog with a short description of the track and the personnel involved in the recording process.

In a world where, let’s face it, nobody gives a shit about “Ced’s latest creation”,   it is hard to understand why I keep producing music. The creative drive doesn’t seem to switch off, and somehow forces me to express life, from personal challenges and thoughts to social commentary.
Maybe it’s because I’ve had a weird trip or because I fell on my head a lot as a child.
I do derive a lot of pleasure from creating in the studio. It’s my little atoll of creative freedom.

This project started as a collection of songs, a few old ones, a lot of new ones with a few still on the “cutting” floor. There will not be a “CD”, perhaps something else in store for those few interested.
And yet, in my typical “go against the flow”, I have created something of a concept Album. Something where all the tracks links into each other in sounds and sometimes lyrically. In a world of 1 minute videos, Instagram (about a half a second per photograph) and attention span directly related to the speed at which you swipe your social media feed, it’s not bound to get a lot of attention.
Again, it makes me smile and that is enough. If you made it this far, you are some kind of freak …
At some stage I will load up the continuous file and possibly create some images with it.
I am of the opinion that creations have a life of their own, we are merely the medium through which the energy expresses itself. But I digress and you are losing interest.

This ongoing project has involved a few key people which I will thank as each song gets uploaded, but one person needs to be singled out. Shaun Johannes is not only a very talented Bass player / Musician in Cape Town but also a dear friend who not only gave up his valuable time, studio and equipment to this project but also motivated me to actually finish it and do it better. “Shaun, besides all the tips, gear, and time, thanks for pushing me, I am forever grateful, even if no one ever hears all this”

I doubt wether anyone will take any notice of these ramblings, much less of possibly the most uncommercial music I have created to date. I don’t need the recognition or any kind of acclaim. It is not my drug. If you got this far, try and enjoy it or swipe on:

It could have been you

We are all born into a reality which we don’t chose (at least not consciously). Often we become judgemental of others and lose the ability to put ourselves into other people’s shoes. Children have way more compassion than adults then lose it. “It could have been you” is about humanity and how realities can result in you being a beggar, a king, a protester, a religious freak, a killer or a dead person and how we tend to lose the ability to look at everything with an open mind and heart especially with the constant onslaught of twisted information. (that was a mouthful!)

I don’t normally like to explain my lyrics but thought in this case it might shed a little more light on some of the stronger words. It is driven by the belief that humanity’s only hope is for it to become consciously and spiritually responsible not only as individuals but also as a collective. That, and giving up greed…
The song started as a serious slow track which then got jived up and then thrown into the realms of Reggae and ska without actually becoming it. Some work at Shaun’s studio made it evolve to what it is now.

Heinrich Goosen (after being subjected to months of spandex) played the drums recorded at Mahoganny Studios in Cape Town
Shaun Johannes played bass and some of the keyboard lines
Emile Gerber pulled in for a few hours and played some of the rhythm guitar and the little riff.
Donovan Hatting did the shredding guitar work and solo.