Better than Heaven

“To die would be an adventure” used to say Peter Pan.
But death is final and brutal.
It erases the energy in this dimension, the one that we perceive.
And we are left with a void of that person.

“Better than Heaven” started with a death. With the questions and sadness left behind.
We all have our beliefs of what may come after… “Whatever you believe”.
But that is created by our minds and it has its limitations once the oxygen supply is cut off.

All I can wish for the good people that have left this dimension in the last few years is that the after is better than the heaven they imagined.

The creation

It was born as an acoustic song purely played on the guitar in a kite house room in Cape Town.
I then took it as was and started building the arrangement around it.
As in the latest projects I elected to play everything myself which i don’t always feel is the right thing to do, but it’s often the easiest thing to do.
This song being quite personal and not searching any commercial success felt like it should be a solo project.

Again I question the sanity of putting so much effort into this in this world of AI generated reality and media. But it is what i do,

Staircase going up with person standing on top in the light