After a first “experimental run of “Out of the Box” with Joe van der Linden and Lloyd Martin on the 27th of Feb, it seems we are onto something and we will be repeating it just before I leave for Italy.

As Audience members said, “It’s hard to describe what we witnessed…”

The result however was unanimous… “Please do it again!!! ”

Take 3 multi instrumentalists, with an abundance of experience in all kinds of musical and theatrical styles and what do you get? One crazy musical ride of classic songs like you have never heard them before.
Ced will be teaming up with long time friends Joe van der Linden and Lloyd Martin for one crazy evening in Port Elizabeth. Taking their combined skills to bring the audience a unique experience of sound and visual presentation. All 3 will be drawing on their worldly experiences to create something fresh and “Out of the Box”
Drawing from a vast repertoire of Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, Original Material, and more, Ced, Joe, and Lloyd have decided to wipe the slate clean and think out of the box, and then sometimes not just to keep the audience on their toes.
There will be Drums, Guitars, Basses, percussive instruments, ethnic instruments, boxes, pots, pans, paint dryers, braai tongs… and a few more surprises.

Gonna be a whole lot of fun!!

Cash Store – Sardinia Bay

Entrance fee: R 80
Book to avoid disappointment 041 3661211


A rough video recording was made of the first concert, perhaps it will give you a clearer idea…