“I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me.

And in this life I have performed many different types of music.

This is the space I dedicate to me.

Love it, hate it, steal it, buy it, it doesn’t really matter.

Does the falling tree make a sound when no one hears it? I don’t know, but the tree is still down…

This is my falling treeā€¦”

This is a place to listen to Ced’s Original music.

Join the Facebook Page, have a listen to some songs on the Album pages.

All songs available on apple music, youtube and other notable digital distribution networks

Ced has been writing and producing music over a few decades. Half of the repertoire is now available on most Digital platforms.

The Video page includes some of Ced’s own video productions.

Ced’s Original music Adventure

Ced’s original music adventure began with the recording of the album “Egodisentery” in 1997/98 in Cape Town with his long time musical buddy Joe van der Linden. He collaborates with Joe to the present day.
The adventures along the way have taken him across continent and styles. In Italy he collaborated with some great musicians with the band upCEDown as well as various meanderings from orchestral rock to progressive Metal. Some of those songs can be found on the Album “Greatest Bits”.

Relocating to South Africa in 2003 saw the collaboration with Cape Town musicians like Amanda Tiffin and Dave Ledbetter as well as Orchestral conductor Philipp Maier .

2004 saw the release of “Songs for Tomorrow” which was an acoustic album.

Ced then decided to concentrate on producing tribute shows (which he had done early in his career)
You can head to the production part of the website to see some of that work or click here.

After finally setting up his home studio, Ced returned with an Album in 2013 “Moments in Time” followed in 2018 by “This is not a Stick” .

Ced is continuing to record singles in his studio and putting them out on www.ced1.com