“When you open up to life, it has a funny way of coming back at you. I’ve always been musical. From my early years as a child, into my early teens, and I have been presented with circles in my life, recurring themes…
At age 12, on my last holiday in Italy to visit my grand parents, I would go and buy two music cassettes that would come back to aunt me later. (both were under the influence of my uncle paul who had already introduced me to the music) One was Queen’s Greatest’s hits, and the other one was Pink Floyd’s – The Wall. 

Through my teenage years, I discovered Pink Floyd’s music and dove into their world. Up to the point that at one stage at around 17, I was only listening to them. All the albums,  My favorite cassette was Dark side of the moon back to back with Wish you were here, on headphones before going to sleep. It was such a trip

When I started messing around with cover bands, I was obviously drawn to playing and then singing Pink Floyd. My first serious Musical theatre production whilst still a student was to be The Wall, with choir, actors, orchestra a rock band and projections. It was a show that nearly killed me in intensity and sheer volume of organization, but a show that would stay with me forever. To this day I wonder how we pulled it off. 

Then I became a professional musicians and my musical horizons started expanding, many productions, concerts, songs, albums, styles, settings, And yet…

This summer, I was lucky enough to witness an “older” Roger Waters performing The Wall in Rome.

But by an even stranger twist of fate, I met up with Phill Salera a Guitarist friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time who mentioned to me that he was involved in a grand Project involving the music of … Pink Floyd…

And by a stroke of a madcap, and cutting the story short, I will be stepping on one of the largest theatre stages in Rome on Saturday the 5th of October with a 50 piece choir, a brass band, a rock band, projections, dancers and lasers in a project called Atom in Rome performing… You guessed it.

Round and Round we go…”


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