Here is something different:


“In today’s world of music, where technology is mostly used in the recording and Live context to fix mistakes and render most performances clinically correct, I wanted to do something different. Using technology, I recorded a song which was then sent to 3 different geographical locations. To musicians with whom I have played and collaborated in the past. The idea was for them to record their part and film themselves doing it. If one might say, a demo recorded in 3 different locations. “

In this experiment, Ced unites musicians who have never played together but who have all worked with Ced at some stage during his career.

Guitarist Renato Bonanni from Italy who has various musical projects one of them Estalegal,

Shaun Johannes, bass player from Cape town who has played with numerous South African Artists and runs his own Studio.

Riaan van Rensburg, Drummer, percussionist and Afrikaans artist in South Africa.


“All of them brought their input and playing skill to this experiment. The next step would be to get them in the studio together and record the song properly … That might be more difficult.”

And by the way, the song is in french and features Ced’s debut electric guitar performance…