The birth process has been an interesting voyage of re discovering creativity. The first step into new directions. Sure the show is a very well known story and there is nothing Original about that. But in an “entertainment” world where all seems regurgitated, re-packaged and re-sold it is difficult to be truly original and still make ends meet. This is a first step. All original sound track created mostly with the voice. A true Challenge. And so far it’s been a whole lot of fun! 

But Ced’s Involvement doesn’t stop there, it also extends to the writing and direction of this production.

The Production opens on the 5th of March in Rome and runs until the 12th.

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Here are a few shots from rehearsals:

IMG_4838 IMG_4841 IMG_4829 IMG_4827 IMG_4817 IMG_4812 IMG_4797 IMG_4796 IMG_4792 IMG_4785