Yeah, it rained. But that didn’t stop the band from giving “Moment in Time” the send off it deserved.
Ced assembled quite a line up for the Launch. With the band being Made up of Donovan Hattingh, Joe van der Linden and Lloyd Martin, the evening was set to be a blast.



A few guest artists from Ced’s varied past came in and graced the stage with their presence.


First up was Mark Brand.One of Ced’s early collaborators on some of his first original songs. Mark also collaborated with Ced on some of his early stage productions.

It had been more than a decade since the two had shared a stage! The reunion was an energetic affair with Mark lending some of his guitar skills on one of the new songs “Round we Go” and then playing an electric wind instrument on some of Ced’s other tracks from earlier albums.




The next Artist to join Ced on Stage was none other than Shawn Phillips. Shawn and Ced collaborated on the album “Open your Eyes” in 2003 (which is featured on “Greatest Bits“) To celebrate their stage reunion, they did one of Shawn’s Songs; “Moonshine”, and then Shawn joined the band on a few of Ced’s new songs.




You can see Shawn playing is legendary Gibson/ Fender Double neck guitar of which only two  exist in the world.





The last Guest to come on was Inspector Ras. Inspector Ras and Ced go way back and managed to collaborate on ground-breaking Track”Reincarnate“.

It was a challenge for the band to reproduce that track Live, but the result was a wailing success… Inspector Ras also re-joined the band a little later with some free styling  rap and words, and everyone was on stage for the Last track of the Evening.



Most of the audience that attended will agree that all in all, it was a pretty special event.

Here are some pics of the event with a little clip in the works…