The year is 1963 and the world is about to get bitten by Beatlemania.



Unquestionably the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed act of all times in  the history of popular music, The Beatles set about composing and recording a seemingly never ending stream of number 1 hits.

The show recreates those songs and those moments. The sound track to the swinging sixties, and the amazing career of the fab four.

The songs of The Beatles have almost become part of pop subconscious culture. You will be hard pressed to not find yourself singing all the words to all the songs.

With the help of some Original footage of that era, and a talented band of musicians, Director Cedric Vandenschrik will be taking his audience on a trip through the 1960’s into the heart of the music of John, Paul, Ringo and George.

From the electric performances at the ed Sullivan show. The famous meeting with Bob Dylan which would begin the transformation of the Beatles, the teeny bopping band, into a more conscious musical outfit. “All You Need is Love” will leave you mesmerized at the astounding volume and quality of work created by the lads from Liverpool.

All my loving, she loves you, help, lucy in the sky with diamonds, I wanna hold your hand, Ticket to ride, While my guitar gently weeps, Sgt peppers, Hey Jude, Get Back, Back in the ussr, Yellow Submarine… the list goes on

So get ready for this Magical mystery tour into the land of the rubber soul sgt Pepper’s lonely heart club band.